Weekly News that Will Give Parents Nightmares, Vol. 1

Sorry to ruin your weekend!

1. Eau Claire, Wisconsin: Parents “not entitled” to know their kids’ gender identification

This Wisconsin Spotlight story is the stuff of parents’ nightmares: “Parents are ‘not entitled’ to know their kids’ gender identity, according to a recent woke training session in the Eau Claire Area School District.”

But it gets worse . . . this same training session claims that parents, who because of their faith, don’t agree with schools encouraging gender theory with their children, are weaponizing religion, are bigots, and teachers should stop dealing with such religious objections with kid gloves.

One teacher in Eau Claire Area School District went so far as to post a sign in her class that said: “If your parents aren’t accepting of your identity, I’m your mom now.”

2. North Carolina Mayor wants K-3 students to slide into her Twitter DM’s to talk sex and gender

Daily Signal headline: “The Florida legislation is not an ‘anti-gay’ bill. It is a bill aimed at protecting children—and preventing educators with an agenda from infecting young kids with radical ideology.”

But if you’re a kid in K-3, which are the grades that the Florida bill covers, you’re welcome to hop on Twitter and “slide into [the] DM’s” of “Auntie” Stacy Phillips, Mayor Pro Tem of Huntersville, North Carolina.

3. Gender and sex camps for kids in Kentucky and California

Chris Rufo: “These women are running a ‘Sexy Summer Camp’ for children in rural Kentucky, with lessons on ‘sex liberation,’ ‘gender exploration,’ ‘BDSM,’ ‘being a sex worker,’ ‘self-managed abortions,’ and ‘sexual activity while using licit and illicit drugs.’”

Let’s just say that these kinds of camps haven’t gone over too well with parents in places like Los Alamitos, California.

4. Loudoun County administrator resigns; Equity Committee wants to train Kindergartners and their parents in implicit bias

@LoudounMoms posted the resignation letter of a high-level administrator who resigned because: “[m]y professional ethics, moral values… was in misalignment with many of the actions I observed and experienced over the course of the past six years in Loudoun County Public Schools.”

While ethics and moral values don’t seen to be important in America’s most infamous school division, implicit bias training for K-12 and equity training for their parents most definitely is.

5. North Kingstown, RI Superintendent resigns over secret “fat tests” on underage kids

North Kingstown, Rhode Island has been rocked by a scandal involving a basketball coach performing fat tests on underage boys for over twenty years.

Phil Auger, Superintendent of NK Public Schools, has now resigned as a result of the fallout.

Of note, Auger once compared the book Gender Queer to the works of Michelangelo.

Meanwhile, Jennifer Lima of the North Kingstown School Board is focused on the important things – like making sure that everyone asks people what their pronouns are.