Our Mission

Why fight for “schools”? Why not fight for “parents” or “students”? Because we believe that a public education here in Loudoun, to which our children are entitled, has a rich history of producing high-achieving students that come from great schools, instructed by talented teachers and educators. Many LCPS alum have gone on to achieve important things and have changed the world!

But when schools and school staff are required to change policy to bend to every whim of loud minorities that hurt the majority, the tenor of the hallway and teachers lounges changes. When schools are instructed to remove finals and midterms, allow late work to be turned in for partial credit, and alter math curriculum in order to level the playing field, all students are negatively impacted. When budgets are not scrutinized and money not accounted for, millions of dollars are spent on pet projects that merely seek to improve the image of the LCPS administration, not improve the education of our children… the very students that they claim to serve. And the inappropriate, explicit books available to the beautiful, impressionable minds of our children is sickening.

And that’s what has happened in Loudoun County Public Schools. LCPS alum, parents, grandparents, teachers and even current students have seen a marked shift in the top-down focus that has pivoted away from instruction based on rigorous standards toward the agenda-driven woke brigade of echo-chamber bureaucrats that see no problem with ignoring parent concerns and input. The result? A national embarrassment. We “fight for schools” because we believe it’s not too late. LCPS has become the canary in the coal-mine for what an out-of-control, tone-deaf group of adults pushing an agenda can do and we refuse to let that continue.


We speak up!

– School Board meetings

– Committee hearings

– Media interviews

– Education panels on the local and national stage

We take action!

– Letters to the editor

– Recall efforts

– Meet with School Board members and local leaders to have our voices heard

– Support candidates that believe in the core tenants of Fight for Schools

– Blogs and news articles

Fight for Schools is a non-partisan political action committee focused on electing common sense candidates that commit to policies that support equal opportunity, tolerance, meritocracy and achievement.

Help support our cause to take back America’s schools.