LOUDOUN COUNTY, VA – In 2019, Loudoun County Public Schools paid The Equity Collaborative nearly $500,000 to conduct segregated focus groups, train teachers in critical race theory concepts, and produce a report on systemic racism. That report ultimately triggered a demand by the NAACP to the Virginia Attorney General to investigate LCPS. To no one’s surprise, an investigation was opened based on the Equity Collaborative report and LCPS later settled.

Loudoun County taxpayers have continued to pay The Equity Collaborative over $650/hour (including travel) in 2020 and 2021, and The Equity Collaborative now has a separate contract with Parkview High School.

Despite that, LCPS officials and school board members have repeatedly stated that LCPS has not adopted critical race theory, but rather a culturally responsive framework.

However, in its May 2020Intro to Critical Race Theory” presentation, the Equity Collaborative clearly explains “culturally responsive learning” as a tool of critical race theory. That same presentation goes on to state that equal opportunity, meritocracy, and liberalism perpetuate white power.

Interestingly, according to documents acquired by a Freedom of Information Act Request, it was May of 2020 that the Equity Collaborative provided “[c]oaching support for LCPS leaders – follow up meetings focused on Critical Race Theory Development, May-June 2020.”

At this point, it is clear that LCPS either has no idea what it is paying for or it is being dishonest with Loudoun County parents. Needless to say, something is rotten in the County of Loudoun.