Loudoun County Public Schools has become ground zero in the fight against critical race theory in schools. Parents are unified in fighting back against the Loudoun County School Board and administration for their attempts to indoctrinate our children with divisive, regressive, and racist ideologies.

We are fighting back, and will continue to do so – all day, every day, until we make a change.

Last Saturday, we began to gather signatures to recall the school board and collected 1,500 the first day as three dozen volunteers braved the cold, wind, rain, and hail. We followed that up by gathering hundreds more at the last school board meeting and with dedicated parents going door to door.

But that is just a start – hundreds more are reaching out to get more signatures. Note that all signature sheets must be signed by the collector, notarized, and returned to district captains. If you want to help gather signatures or need further instructions, please email us at

To successfully execute this mission, we need signatures that amount to 10% of the total vote in the 2019 for each school board member. Once we have enough, Fight for Schools will then bring the case to court pursuant to Virginia’s recall statute.

However, our goal is to go above and beyond the required signatures to withstand any potential challenges from the school board’s attorney. Therefore, our signature goals are as follows:

Brenda Sheridan – 803 required for 10% threshold. Our goal is 1,606.

Beth Barts – 1,176 required for 10% threshold. Our goal is 2,352.

Leslie King – 1,234 required for 10% threshold. Our goal is 2,468.

Atoosa Reaser – 1,213 required for 10% threshold. Our goal is 2,426.

Ian Serotkin – 2,179 required for 10% threshold. Our goal is 4,358.

Denise Corbo – 10,785 required for 10% threshold. Our goal is 15,000.

Once we have reached those goals, we will file in court immediately.

For your reading pleasure, check out the massive amount of media coverage from this past week.

This is a movement that cross partisan lines. It includes people of all races and ethnicities. This is about our kids. It is the fight of our lives.

But we’re going to win.

Let’s do this!