LOUDOUN COUNTY, VA – Loudoun County Public Schools has been in the national spotlight for nearly two straight months, yet the school board and the administration continue to operate and communicate more like a politburo than a duly elected body accountable to its constituents.

Despite numerous calls for an open town hall meeting where the school board and administration can respond to a variety of questions from countless frustrated parents, there has been absolutely no action or meaningful communication. Instead, the board hides behind misleading press statements from the interim superintendent, while parents’ questions on school reopenings, critical race theory, and the state’s new math initiative go unanswered.

On behalf of parents, students, and teachers – many of whom are understandably reluctant to speak up for fear of repercussions – Fight for Schools demands that Loudoun County Public Schools hold an in-person, open town hall meeting where the school board, interim superintendent, equity director, the head of the MSAAC, and any other third-party directing school policy be made available to answer questions.

Fight for Schools Executive Director Ian Prior made the following statement:

“Whether the topic is their failure to fully open schools to all students, their devotion to the cult of critical race theory, or the controversial new Virginia math initiative, the Loudoun County School Board and administration is acting more like the Soviet Politburo than a representative body accountable to the electorate.

“It’s time for the school board and administration to stop hiding, stop bowing to special interests, and start answering the thousands of questions from the community in a public setting where they cannot avoid accountability. To do anything less would demonstrate a clear neglect of duty, a misuse of office, and complete incompetence of an elected body in a representative democracy.”