LOUDOUN COUNTY, VA – Loudoun County School Board Member Beth Barts, whose March 12th Facebook post ignited a targeting campaign against parents opposing critical race theory, stated just before that campaign that “we are now at War” with parents pushing to re-open schools.

Her statement, which was acquired via the Freedom of Information Act, was a text to fellow school board member and chairwoman Brenda Sheridan. It was in response to a parent who went viral with his speech to the school board demanding that Loudoun County’s schools be reopened.

Barts, who has devoted herself to “calling out” parents who oppose critical race theory, has previously been censured for violating attorney client privilege, disrespecting colleagues with threats of misleading press conferences, and creating chaos and confusion in the school board. Notably, this censure was before her March 12th post that ignited her supporters to engage in a campaign to target parents.

Statement from Fight for Schools Executive Director Ian Prior:

“Beth Barts has repeatedly shown that she is unfit for public service. Her actions have resulted in her censure and have directly contributed to Loudoun County, Virginia being in the national spotlight for close to two months. Even her own colleagues have said that she has created chaos and confusion, making it impossible for the school board to do its job.

“Stating that the school board is “at war” with parents fighting to open schools or end the state sponsored racism that is critical race theory is unacceptable. Fight for Schools calls on Ms. Barts to immediately submit her resignation now or face the ever-growing probability that she will be recalled from office in shame.”